Crispy Chocolate Balls Recipe


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  • 100 g roasted kadayif
  • 200 g melted milk chocolate
  • half a glass of cracked hazelnuts (50gr)

For the cream;

  • 1 bag of powder whipped cream (75 g)
  • 100 g cream


For the chocolate balls, put the kadayifs in a bowl. Crush it a little with your hands. Add the melted chocolate on it and mix the kadaifs and the chocolate well.

When it gets a homogeneous consistency, add cracked hazelnuts to the mixture and mix the ingredients well again. Take the mixture you have prepared into a muffin mold with a spoon.

Cover the sides and bottom of the mold completely with this mixture. Press down well with a spoon to take its shape. Move the mold to the refrigerator so that the chocolate ball freezes.

For the cream, put the bag of whipped cream and the cream in a bowl. Beat at high speed of the mixer until you get a creamy consistency. Put the ready cream in a squeezing bag.

Carefully remove the frozen chocolate balls from the mold. Squeeze the cream into the molds with a squeezing bag and place the second piece of chocolate ball on it.

This way you can serve desserts.


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